Away Rotation

Rotations at Georgetown Plastic Surgery comprise of two clinical sites:

Washington Hospital Center


Georgetown University Hospital 



Generally, two weeks of the rotation will be with the general plastic surgery service.  At this time, you will spend time with Drs. David Song, Grant Kleiber, Stephen Baker, and Sarah Sher.  Your time will be split between the attending's clinic and operative days depending on the schedule.  

One week will be spent with Drs. Christopher Attinger, Karen Evans, Paul Kim, and John Steinberg on the limb salvage service.  This is a busy service focused on lower extremity diabetic wounds, microsurgery for limb salvage, and abdominal flaps.  You will meet with the limb chief (R3) to determine where to be.

Finally, one week will be spent with Drs. David Song, and Derek Masden at Washington Hospital Center. This is a general plastic surgery service comprising of a broad range of surgeries, including but not limited to microsurgery, abdominal wound debridements, sternal wounds, hand surgery, and body contouring.  You will meet with the WHC chief (R3 or 4) to determine where to meet.

Please meet at ground floor preoperative area, 7:00AM on your first day of the rotation.  You will meet with us to touch base, then have orientation (9:00AM second floor Gorman at OSE) where you will be introduced to our EMR systems: Medconnect, Amalga, Centricity.  ID and parking will be obtained at this time.

In terms of general expectations, we hope that you will feel fully integrated into our teams. You will undoubtedly be proactive, pre-round, write notes/orders when appropriate, and help with the floor work necessary in the care of patients. You will be given access to case/clinic schedules for each team which will help you prepare and decide how to make the most of your experience with us (with guidance from the residents).

Every Thursday morning (6-9am), the residents and students are excused from clinical obligations to attend a weekly didactic conference. Your attendance at the conference is expected; however there will be times when cases are scheduled to begin before conference concludes. These cases are excellent opportunities for you to work one-on-one with the attendings.

Additionally, at the conclusion of your rotation (Thursday morning of your fourth week) you each will prepare a 15 min Power-point presentation (10 min talk, 5 min for questions) to be given during our weekly conference. Presentations can be on any plastic surgery topic you find interesting. Students in the past have presented on some of their own research, others on an interesting case they saw and literature review, etc. You should probably have a topic picked by end of your second week. Talk to the residents for guidance/advice if you are struggling with a topic. We are also happy to go over the presentation with you ahead of time if you would like.

There will be 3rd year Georgetown medical students rotating on service as well. While we recognize the commitment of time, energy and money that you are making by coming to Georgetown as Away Rotator, we are devoted to maximizing educational experiences for students at every level. We hope that your enthusiasm and knowledge of plastic surgery will help encourage their interest in the specialty.


Public transportation can be difficult given the hours and various sites of rotation.  A car is recommended.  Some students have had success with Uber. Please make sure to let your residents know of your transportation situation so we can accommodate. We are happy to work with you.

Many students have had success with the website Rotating Room for finding temporary housing.  Generally, people tend to find housing in the vicinity of Georgetown, although there are other areas in DC that one can potential stay at.  Please this site for more information.

Key Articles to Review

LIFT by Drs. James Economides and David Song

Breast Reconstruction with SIEA Flaps by Dr. Park et al

Breast Reduction by Drs. Hammond and Loffredo

Breast Reconstruction with the DIEP flap or the MS2 Free Tram Flap by Dr. Nahabedian et al

Perforasomes of the DIEP flap by Dr. Wong et al

The pedicled descending branch muscle sparing latissimus dorsi flap for breast reconstruction by Dr. Saint-Cyr et al


Angiosomes of the Foot by Dr. Christopher Attinger et al

Clinical Approach to Wounds by Dr. Christopher Attinger et al

Surgical Treatment of Osteomyelitis by Dr. Cierny

Skin Grafts and Local Flaps by Drs Hallock and Morris

Subunit principle to lower extremity free tissue transfer by Drs. Hollenbeck et al

Interview Date

January, 2019

Preinterview event: TBD

There is generally a pre-event activity planned by the residents and GME designed to help you get to know us.  Your attendance is not mandatory, as we understand there may be conflicting interview dates.  However, it is encouraged as this is a good way to get to know us and for us to get to know you!


Where to Stay

Leavey Center - This hotel is located on campus and is the most convenient

Kimpton Glover Park Hotel - This hotel is about 8 minutes from Georgetown and is in a location where many residents live